My Favourite Things

One of the things I look forward to most is our annual trip to the Twinwood Festival. Originally the Glen Miller Festival it is a long weekend of vintage pleasure. Music, dancing, shopping and the occasional glass of wine or beer. The whole atmosphere is happy and everyone seems so friendly.

Of course part of that pleasure is deciding what to wear, and I spend many a happy hour trawling the internet for ideas and patterns, as I do like to make most of our outfits. I choose vintage patterns or modern reproductions of originals, since there are sadly not many of us nowadays with the kind of figures they had back in the 1940s, 1950s.

It all started for us several years ago now when our gorgeous daughter (yes she of Olive & Edna infamy) and her family bought tickets for her dad and I as a Christmas present. You know the age old story of what to buy parents who really don't need anything. Well to cut the story short, that was the beginning of our love affair with this great event.

My SIL and I wear 1940s tea dresses complete with all the appropriate accessories, however this year we are going for a change and donning 1930/40s sailor pants tops and possibly berets.

And that brings me to footwear! I have a few vintage/retro sandals but fancied some brogues, or to be more specific wingtips. Well this is a thrifty girl here and I could not justify the price of them for maybe a couple of outings a year, so what do you do, of course create your own!

Enter one pair of tan brogues £7.50 from Ebay and a pot of navy shoe dye and after a bit of preparation......


I'm thrilled with how they have turned out and will do a photo tutorial over the weekend if you want to have a go yourself. I think the bit of effort was worth it to save about £70 don't you. But..should they be navy laces..umm...

In the meantime don't forget to checkout the latest additions to our shop.

Have a great weekend and hope you get to enjoy this lovely weather.



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