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At the end of May on Bank Holiday Monday, I gave my new business its first outing. Olive & Edna Jewellery had launched on line a few weeks previously and although I was used to selling my vintage clothes and accessories at other fairs, this was the first time I had only hand made jewellery.

I am very pleased to say that it was really well received by the people of Grantham and the show was a resounding success. Of course the weather was completely on our side for once and this brought out the crowds.

I was also pleased with the reaction to the pieces I had made and several people asked me how I created some of the polymer clay beads, so I thought I would give a brief insight into my process.

All my pieces start by conditioning the clay to make it much easier to work with and to eliminate bubbles within the clay. Sometimes I create a custom colour or as for these beads I create a blend of two or three colours to make a more interesting background to the design.

I then decide how I want to decorate the beads. I use all sorts of mediums, alcohol inks, paints, mica powders and many others and sometimes create patterns by using a patchwork effect with different colour clays.

For this example I have used permanent ink and a stamp to decorate the clay slabs with a tree design.

I then cut out the shapes I want, cure them in the oven and when 'cooked' they are backed and sanded with up to ten different grits of sandpaper and finally buffed to a beautiful sheen.

The results are completely unique designs, and no matter how many times I do them the result is always different. Sometimes surprisingly so !

As you can see it is quite a process, but obviously one I love.

If you would like to see some more new designs, come and say hello at the Wyndham Park Summer Fair on Sunday 4th July from 10.00am to 3.30pm

Hope to see you there

Jenny x


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